Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spouse Programs & Excursions

I recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where my husband had a business conference. I know, tough job but somebody had to do it! :+) It was a great trip and being as it wasn't work for me I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As part of the meeting registration my husband signed me up for the spouse package - which included 3 breakfasts, a reception (with live music and dancing) and a plated dinner (with live music and dancing). It was quite enjoyable - especially when I wasn't the one having to worry about food allergies, seating charts, etc.

Also as part of the meeting, as Hawaii is an excellent destination for sightseeing, many excursions were planned that were opt-in, with a fee. We took advantage of two trips - both really amazing destinations and activities. It's hard to complain about anything when you're in Hawaii...but without boring you to death with details I'll sum it up as this - if you have a bus full of people out for a period of more than 3-4 hours - please provide snacks and a cooler with at least bottle water for them. People do get thirsty!

My point being this - take a look at the small details of your event - little misses can add up.

As a planner - what are your thoughts? As a supplier to the industry - how do you work with planners to make these events the best they can be?

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Jody said...

Hi Christine,

I'm an incoming board member of the Greater Midwest Chapter. We had a board meeting today (was my first one as an incoming board member) and the topic of blogs came up. I was curious to see the comments and didn't see any, so i'm making a comment :)

In any event, meeting, conference, etc, it is the details that are important. It's the small things that people don't realize are a big deal until they aren't there (ie: water on a 3/4 hour tour). Experience is how you gain the knowledge about those little things, but also working with your meetings team or events team to brainstorm ways that you can add little things to make the experience that much better and more enjoyable.

Jody Egel, CMP