Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank You Seattle....Good Night!

....that was the famous send off of the theme song from the TV show Frasier.

PCMA has left Seattle - but I can tell you that Seattle is still in me. Without a doubt I fell in love with Seattle! Maybe it was the flukey sunny days and mild temperatures, maybe it was the rolling hills of the city, maybe it was the FRIENDLY cab drivers who thanked me for coming to Seattle, maybe it was electric street cars, maybe it was the shopping. But in the end, it was all of it rolled up into one sweet package!

As an organization, PCMA is leaving behind a legacy of planting a tree for everyone who donated $20 to the Education Foundation. What I also hope is that what PCMA is leaving behind is the good will of our organization and a lot of meeting planners who will look at Seattle for their next meeting. The green carpet was rolled out for us in a BIG way - let Seattle show your organization the same hospitality - your attendees will thank you!

Thanks again, Seattle - I had a great time!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here we come Seattle....

So, I leave for my first PCMA Annual Meeting tomorrow morning. Now, in my time in this business I've planned and executed LOTS of annual meetings/conferences - so I know what is in store as far as sleep deprivation and my poor poor feet go.

What totally makes it worth it for me - and here's what I'm really looking forward to - seeing it in action. I can never tire of that energy, that sense of one - even if there are 3,000+ people - that happens when everyone is is a huge adrenaline rush for me.

I don't know about you when you have a big event, but I make absolutely certain that I give myself some space to step back and watch the meeting happen, to enjoy the tiniest of that I don't feel like all I've done is execute and don't remember a thing. There is nothing worse than the feeling of "I MISSED IT!" - that is something I will make sure doesn't happen in Seattle.

And I know, as I sit here and type this that next Wednesday when it's the last day of the event I will wake up and wonder, "where the heck did the time go?" It's inevitable, despite the throbbing feet, that I will be sad that it is over. That I will have to say goodbye to all the new people I have met and to a city that is opening it's arms to us.

If you get a chance, check out this story that published this morning:

Seattle is ready for us and we are ready for we come!!!!