Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Optimism for 2010

If your organization is like PCMA you have or are in the midst of budgeting for 2010. If there ever was a time where I wish I had that crystal ball that would tell me how next year would play out - this is THE time.

Unfortunately I don't (if you do can you please send it my way?) I am going to rely on my sense of optimism that the worst is over and 2010 is a year to stabilize and grow.

How have you approached your 2010 budgets? What's your biggest budget challenge and how did you deal with it.

Tips to share???


Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey there. So PCMA is using a product called Crowdvine to help annual meeting attendees connect with each other and it also filters Tweets and Facebook and all that cool, fun stuff. Today is the first day and it's pretty fun.

Last week at ASAE I attended a lot of sessions about social media and the importance of it in your organization. Below are some nuggets that I learned and hope that you find it helpful.

- Engagement Pyramid - Curators at the top, Producers, Commenters, Sharers and Watchers (at the bottom)
- Can't tell ROI on the technology, but you can tell ROI on the goals for participants in that technology
- Let go of control - in a true relationship you don't own all the control
- Define the sandbox - that is define the walls that the organization is willing to let people play in
- Focus on relationships - not technology
- Start small, but start
- Authenticity - be open
- Bravery - try new things
- Comment on your own blog - as many others might be afraid to "be the first"
- Brand videos with logos
- Keep videos short (under 3 min)
- ROI - create goals against: 1) # of members; 2) # of discussions; 3) # of tweets

Do you have any to share?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

blogs still worth it...

I was relieved, and a little stressed, to learn at ASAE09 that blogs are still worth it. Relieved because I truly do love to write a blog, but stressed out because I realize I still have so much to learn about effective blogging. Then there is the whole idea around finding enough time in the day to dedicate to a good blog.

So, I'm going to recommit myself to this membership blog - but I'm looking for ideas of other bloggers that you admire and if you have tips to help me stay on top of this. Send them my way.

I'll be back..........