Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly Wrap...

I'm not sure if the fall weather will ever arrive - I love fall. But one thing is certain - fall planning is kicking into high gear. Budgets, Annual Meeting planning, membership campaigns, Board Meetings, Chapter meetings...there's enough activity to show me that fall is here - even if the weather doesn't give it away.

Working in the non-profit world for such a long time, it's the yearly cycle, the predictable and the unpredictable that makes this profession so interesting and challenging. For many of our members I know you are in the same boat - others will be right here in a few months while you prepare for your spring meetings.

Keeping focused while at the same time balancing all the big and small details can be challenging, but for those who are good at it, we can learn a lot.

One way I keep my focus is to filter all my activities around the end goal - if something is distracting me from my goals, I try to deal with it quickly and then move on. I'm sure there are a ton of ways you all have for staying balanced and getting it all done.

I've seen you in action - I know you perform daily miracles - getting someone in the host hotel, getting that special meal request handled at the last minute, dealing with a difficult VIP guest or speaker, travel delays, the list can go on and on.

Share your thoughts on how you keep it all going without the proverbial details falling through the cracks......

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And then Joan said...

Thanks to Joan Eisenstodt for chimming in on the discussion about Jeremy Rifkin's session. Here's a part of what she had to can find the rest in the comment section:

....There were so many points that both reinforced information known and provided new insights. Finding just one would be impossible. The 3 of us who talked and shared information that night believe that we need to dissect some of the points and do so point-by-point and THEN see how we can apply the learning to our industry. We have a long way to go to ensure that this industry is at the cutting edge of the world economy. We can start it here.

This is more than a gentle nudging to keep the conversation going - it's a business imperative.

Thanks, Joan - for keeping it alive.

What does everyone else think?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Future....

On Tuesday, PCMA held a Masters Series program in Washington, D.C. with speaker/author Jeremy Rifkin. I'd say the event was a huge success...not just because it was well attended (of course that's critical), but because of the continued dialogue that happened well after the session ended. I even heard people on the HSMAI show floor talking about it - and they weren't even in attendance....

For those of you who attended - let me know what stuck out the most in your mind? What are you doing differently today based on information you learned on Tuesday?

I heard from many people that you want to continue those conversation - let's use this highly interactive vehicle to do that. Just send in your comments and I'll post them.

Keep the learning going, the sharing of information open and the spirit of the meeting alive!!!

Flight delays

I'm sitting in Reagan National airport after attending HSMAI and my flight is delayed.

If you have flown anytime in the last few months you know this is not uncommon. What is most interesting is watching people handle the flight issues. I used to remember a time not so long ago when people would yell and get huffy with the airline personel. Not tonight. Is it because people are just used to it? Are we a kindler, gentler nation??? Are we just more mellow these days?

I wonder what changed?

If you travel a lot, I just discovered that has a mobile version for your handheld device. Go to and you can chose your airport and see real-time travel alerts - from REAL travelers.

Flight delays are a part of life and right now I'm just soaking up the scenery (I love people watching and what better place than the airport!), trying to stay focused and get some work done and contemplating a Potbelly cookie.....