Friday, April 30, 2010

Volunteer of the Week - April 30, 2010

Craig Sanders
Senior Sales Manager
InterContinental New Orleans

Craig created a personal goal for himself to volunteer with the PCMA Network for the Needy Committee (NFTN) for three years. He is now serving his third year and has helped the committee move forward on Hospitality Helping Hands (HHH) initiatives in New Orleans, Dallas, and for 2011, Las Vegas. He was highly instrumental in sourcing the HHH projects in New Orleans as a member of the host city community service committee – dealing with an added challenge of helping choose projects that could accommodate the largest amount of volunteers EVER for the program. He is consistently generous with his time and passion and in 2010 is organizing a New Orleans group to participate as a city for Service in Sync (SIS).

Send a note to Craig and thank him for his dedication to PCMA's NFTN committee!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recognizing Volunteers

Last week was volunteer appreciation week. And, it's good to see a week dedicated to thanking volunteers who give their time, talent and money year in and year out.

But it's hardly enough. A week? What about the other 51 weeks of the year that they work on behalf of our associations/causes/foundations, etc.?

This topic has been a nut I've been chewing on since I first learned of this special week.

In fact, I've suggested it as a topic for today's (4/27/10) #assnchat.

Here at PCMA we do a good job of recognizing our members and volunteers (below is what we currently do)...but I think there could be more throughout the year.

So I'm embarking on a challenge for the rest of the year - my own PCMA volunteer recognition through this blog. I'm taking suggestions for candidates to recognize - send yours in today!

PCMA's Volunteer Recognition:
  • We recognize a member each week in our ThisWeek@PCMA email newsletter.
  • In ChapterLeaders@PCMA, a monthly e-communication to our chapter leaders we highlight the good chapter work of one individual
  • Our website lists all volunteers
  • At our Annual Meeting volunteers are recognized formally from stage during our Celebrate PCMA luncheon

Do you agree with me that associations need to do more? And if so, what do you consider meaningful recognition? Is being a name on the list enough? IMHO - I don't think so...

Look for my first PCMA volunteer recognition post later this week...if you have nominees send them my way!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green Jacket Moment

I golf. Not well and not often, but I've played my share of 18 holes over the years. I married into a golf family - therefore, I learned the game and sport that is golf.

To be honest, the best part for me is just being outside in the sun (as I do not golf in rain or on cloudy days!) for 4+ hours walking around on grass. The fact that I hit the ball straight, but not far, is often the cause of much conversation. I have a natural talent for hitting straight - woohoo!

So, I was watching the Masters Golf Tournament on Sunday (naturally!), and saw the Mickelson finish and the tender moments with his wife and children. *Break to commercial.* When they came back from the commercial they were in Butler Cabin, ready to announce and award him the coveted green jacket (that, let's be honest, nobody would really ever wear if it was just a plain old jacket without meaning).

Here's the part that made me take notice - the President of Augusta (the course where the Masters is played) got to make the announcement and award the jacket to the winner. (I checked out Augusta's website to find information on how someone becomes President of the club, but couldn't find anything...maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot - so take notice - if your website is so confusing you can't find your board members...but I digress).

So it got me thinking, this guy is President of this golf course/club and THIS moment is his coolest duty. How could it not be? All the planning for this event every year, with different presidents, it was this moment in time that, IMHO, is the most special and spectacular.

This is not much different than how associations run...we work all year planning for our "Masters" event (Annual Meeting, tradeshow, etc.).

BUT...what is the "Green Jacket" moment at your event? Is it the speech from the podium recapping their year, is it handing over the gavel?

Again, IMHO, those aren't "Green Jacket" moments - they are just moments...ticks off the list of things to get done at the event (yeah, I know - governance is important - I'm not arguing that it's not - it's just not *fireworks*).

What is the tradition of your association that could warrant this totally cool moment that gives your Chair/President, who is a very special volunteer leader, their true shining moment? The moment that they will take with them forever and leave that warm fuzzy feeling about the association in their heart forever.

My question and challenge is this - Define what your associations "Green Jacket" moment could be if you really thought about it.

Now, I need to go...I have a noon tee time! ;+)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Vacation in Paradise!

Hi everyone. I just returned to work today from a week of forgive this tangent - but I'm in the post-vacation glow! A quick review of our itinerary:

  • A few days in Phoenix with my inlaws to celebrate Easter

  • Recruited said inlaws to watch Leo

  • Next stop Sedona for some hiking and R&R

  • Quick side trip to the Grand Canyon (my first time)

WOW - this country is so beautiful and in so many unexpected ways. Who would have thought that rock formations and the color of rocks would be so inspiring? It's mind blowing to even think about how one small little river (the Colorado River) formed the entire Grand Canyon - WOW!

As you know, when you travel you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly of the travel and hospitality industry...the good news for me is that we only had GOOD experiences so I want to give a few shout outs to some exceptional service providers:

1. L’Auberge de Sedona - WOW! We had our own individual cabin with a fireplace, outdoor (yes, outdoor) shower, and a beautiful creek (Oak Creek) flowing at the back of the property. They had resident ducks camped out along the shore that were just plain cute. Our dining there was delicious and all the staff were so super friendly. It made me wonder why everyone doesn't move to Sedona to join in their friendliness 24/7.

2. Red Rocks Jeep Tour - you know what I'm talking about...the open air jeep tour of the local "scene". Our tour guide/driver - Calamity Jen was spectacular. She knew all there was to know about the Red Rocks of Sedona, gave great dining advice, was friendly and gave us a bumpy ride we'll never forget.

3. American Airlines - yes - American Airlines!!! Traveling with a toddler isn't always easy - even with a good traveler, like Leo is. They didn't hesitate to get me additional water or milk for Leo during the flight and never made me lift him off my lap (when he was sleeping) to make sure my seatbelt was fastened. I really dislike that part...YES, my seatbelt is fastened...NO I don't feel like I need to prove it to you. So, I was very happy that they didn't make me adjust Leo...which could have woken him up. Our luggage showed up, our stroller showed up, we arrived early in both destinations...WOW!

4. The Grand Canyon forest staff - These folks know what they are talking about, love what they do, and have the best "office" around. Two thumbs up for expert advice on trail conditions!

It was a great week away from the office and I'm happy to report on the excellent time we had.

Do you have a great vacation coming up? Where are you going? What are you doing?