Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting ready for two babies!

I know a lot of you juggle the responsibilities of home and work life fairly well, and some continue to struggle. I thought I'd share with you how I'm doing trying to prepare for two babies....

One isn't actually a real baby, it's our Annual Meeting (January 11-14) in New Orleans. But it's a baby in my eyes because this year I'm going to miss it. Yes, that's right, I'm not going. BUT, before you get worried - it's because I'm preparing for a real baby. I'm due December 27 and the timing is just a little say the least.

So my head has been in the office getting the team prepared and all the i's and t's crossed so that when my membership team gets onsite they'll be able to execute flawlessly.

Am I the only one who has had to deal with this situation? I can't imagine I am - I would love your feedback on how you prepared to put on your biggest event of the year and figure out how to get everything/everyone ready to work while you're out on maternity leave. The question of the ages perhaps....


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