Monday, September 28, 2009

Awards and Recognition

I have the absolutely fun job of working with our awards and recognition program and committee. We wrapped up our award nominations at the end of July and the committee has been working hard the last couple of weeks evalutating all the nominations. We come together as a group on Monday to select the winners.

This is my first year as the staff liaison to this committee so there has been a lot of "learning on the go" but nothing could have prepared me for what I have learned about PCMA's members.

I am totally not surprised by how amazing our members are, but what does amaze me is how their complete commitment to the industry is unfaltering. They mentor, they teach, they write articles, they Tweet, they blog, they share, and share and share.

After selections are made by the committee, my time focuses on planning the award celebration with our meetings team. But before I finalize too much, I'd love to hear from you on the following:

1. If you've won an industry award, what is the one thing that made the ceremony most special?
2. If you had time to say a few words after receiving the award, what did you say? Who did you recognize?
3. Any thoughts on what would make a great awards celebration?

Send me your thoughts no later than October 15!



Carey said...


Your name isn't anywhere on the blog. It should be!

I won an award from my chapter, and I would say that the best part of it was listening to the other winners' comments. I wasn't prepared to speak, so I pretty much promoted the newsletter and asked people to write or suggest topics for articles. I also thanked the committee chair who nominated me for the award.

(Anne) Carey, CMP
Meetings & Event Professional

PCMA Membership Blog said...

Hi Carey,
Thanks for adding your comment. I will take your advice - thanks.

Awards and recognition are such an important way to say thank you to those who contribute at a level that calls them out as dedicated and truly special members.

Continued success to you and thanks for your contributions!