Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Heart Twitter!

I love Twitter. Here are the reasons I love it, add yours!

1. It helps me stay connected to members
2. I get to meet new and interesting people who "live" in the association space
3. I get to meet new and interesting people who "live" in the social media space
4. I'm learning how to communicate in 140 or less
5. You can find out cool stuff about interesting people
6. You can find new blogs to read
7. You can keep an eye on the trending topics to stay on top of world issues (even if it's just the latest Lady Gaga gossip)

My favorite hashtags:
1. #pcma (of course!)
2. #eventprofs
3. #assnchat
4. #tradeshows
5. #ec10

My newest follow discovery that I love (at least this today/week): @MemberClicks

What are your favorites?



Jeff Hurt said...

Why do I heart Twitter?

It's where I go to learn from some of the best and brightest thought leaders today from the social media explorers to innovation insights to education leaders to meetings and events professionals. I compare Twitter to the modern day library or bookstore, except with links to great posts.

Shannon Otto said...

I love Twitter because it's an amazing communication and collaboration tool, and it's the easiest way for ideas to circulate right now. We can "meet" people we never would have before, network and learn. It's also a lot of time!

And I love that you listed @MemberClicks! Thank you! I manage the Twitter stream and write the blog, and seeing this in my Google Alerts really brightened my day.

PCMA Membership Blog said...

Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of such amazing information and people on Twitter. But I keep on plugging away trying to find interesting people and interesting reading. You should see my reading pile now!