Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travel Safely!

I travel a lot for my job. Not as much as some, but more than others...roughly 8-10 trips per year.

Many times I'm traveling by myself and for my entire career I have not had any concerns of "traveling alone."

A couple years ago one of my teenage nieces asked me if I didn't get scared being in a hotel by myself. She asked, "Aren't you afraid to stay in a hotel by yourself? Aren't you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you?"

Seriously, I had never even thought about it like that...EVER!

BUT, it did make me pause and ask myself if I was being as safe as I could be. Was I doing everything I could to keep myself safe on the road. And so, like all travelers out there I was more vigilant about bolting the hotel door, using the in-room safe, etc.

This post is for all experienced travelers and those not so experienced - to give you the confidence to travel alone!

Basic tips for travel safety:
1. Secure your personal belongings at the airport
2. Lock and bolt your hotel room door
3. Take transportation from authorized areas only
4. Don't wear flashy jewlery or clothing - i.e. don't stand out in the crowd
5. Don't talk to seriously...I know you are not in grade school, but sometimes in our quest for being friendly we talk...just be cautious
6. While seeming paranoid (okay I might be!) - make sure your luggage gets in the cab at the airport
7. Use the in-room safe - it's easy to use and there for reason
8. Don't open the door for just anyone
9. Check fire exits and escape routes
10. Walk with confidence

Here are a few sites that also offer valuable tips:


I know we must all travel for business/pleasure - let's just be careful out there!

Did I miss some of yours? Please share your own safety tips with me.

- Christine

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