Thursday, September 6, 2007

Flight delays

I'm sitting in Reagan National airport after attending HSMAI and my flight is delayed.

If you have flown anytime in the last few months you know this is not uncommon. What is most interesting is watching people handle the flight issues. I used to remember a time not so long ago when people would yell and get huffy with the airline personel. Not tonight. Is it because people are just used to it? Are we a kindler, gentler nation??? Are we just more mellow these days?

I wonder what changed?

If you travel a lot, I just discovered that has a mobile version for your handheld device. Go to and you can chose your airport and see real-time travel alerts - from REAL travelers.

Flight delays are a part of life and right now I'm just soaking up the scenery (I love people watching and what better place than the airport!), trying to stay focused and get some work done and contemplating a Potbelly cookie.....

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Joan Eisenstodt said...

Oh I wish we were kinder and gentler! I think we are just - sigh - used to the delays and many of us realize that there's little we can do except make contingency plans - like a hotel reservation as the flights are pushed off later and later! From all I read - and esp. at [become a subscriber!] we are in for a fun Fall and winter as well. -- Joan Eisenstodt