Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reminders Before the End of the Month

November 29 is fast approaching and if you didn't already know this - that's the last day for advance registration for the Annual Meeting. After 11/29 the registration fees go up $100 - so register now to save some cashola!

If you are already registered for the Annual Meeting-be sure to take advantage of two very useful tools - PCMA Connect and the Personal Planner. Each serves a specific function - PCMA Connect to get you networking and Personal Planner to set your schedule for the Annual Meeting - which sessions you want to attend, etc.

Traffic is picking up on PCMA Connect - I'm up to 127 contacts - each someone who is attending the meeting and with whom I have something in common with. Get on PCMA Connect today to start your Annual Meeting networking. And don't forget - it will stay open for the whole year - to keep you connected long after the Annual Meeting closes.

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