Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Find Your New Position!

Quick musing for the day....

I have met 5 people, in the last 2 weeks, who have used the PCMA Career Center ( to find their next position. Not that I don't already know what a great resource it is - but to actually find 5 people who I have run into at various events is so completely awesome and validating that people are finding value and the right next opportunity through PCMA.

I also know that our student members utilize the site to post their resumes (as they approach graduation) and look for internships. So if you're looking for great, energetic employees who have a serious commitment to this industry - this is the pool of candidates you should pull from! Hands down - these student members are AWESOME!

Here's the link again:

In special celebration of the anniversary with our Career Center there are special discounts available to you as PCMA members.

1. Post a job through April 30th and receive a second posting for half the cost!
2. Members of PCMA receive a $100 discount on each job posting.
3. Post a job for twice as long - 60 days compared to 30 days offered by most other sites.

- Christine

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