Friday, April 4, 2008

Social Network

The name, in and of itself, sounds like a lot of fun - combines too great ideas - SOCIAL and NETWORKING...but put together it leaves some people in the cold. The premise is fairly straightforward - you connect with people online instead of face to face. The role this plays in meeting planning is key, some might say critical, as it allows you (the planner) to add another dimension to the networking you provide face to face at your conferences and annual meetings. It doesn't replace it.

I thought this might be helpful to some.

For instance, on LinkedIn, I accepted an invitation from a PCMA member. Easy enough, right? But then when I was at Springtime ( yesterday he came up to me at the PCMA booth and we chatted for a little bit.

Beyond saying it's just "cool" - I would say it's a place you need to get to know and become familiar with. Once you dive in you will be thankful that you did!

You can find me at the following social networking sites:

1. PCMA Related - connecting with my members and people who come to our F2F events - PCMA Connect:

2. More social - but can be used for business as I am doing - Facebook:

3. More business focused: LinkedIn:

4. Society of Word of Mouth:

I encourage you to try it. I tried it and found people I haven't seen since college and high school. Start small, then your network will expand. I would be happy to help anyone get going on this - just let me know!

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