Monday, March 15, 2010

Ring Buzzer for Customer Service

"Don't they understand that we have to take care of our members? They are why we have jobs!"

The concept is so simple - without members, associations would not exist. And for that matter, I would not have a job...but why is it so hard for some associations and businesses to get this basic function down right? Does anyone besides membership really care and nurture member relationships?
Are we educating and training new employees on what are the basics of member care?
Does every department "get it" and are they participating in ongoing member care initiatives?
These are just a few questions to ask yourself, or your management team. And then put actions or (SOPs) in place so there leaves little room for interpretation of what's expected.
Here are some examples:
1. All member emails answered within 2 hours of receipt
2. All member calls returned withinin one hour
3. Receipts issued automatically after payment (for anything) is completed
4. Website issues addressed and cleared up within, at the very least, one business day
5. Difficult situations handled immediately and by appropriate staff
These are just some of the standard practices that associations follow - what one's work for you? Please share them today!


Anonymous said...

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Jeff Hurt said...

Great food for thought. SOPs are so important to making sure we are taking care of our members.

Isn't that why we have association annual meetings too? It's for our members...but wait, we've learned to make revenue from that process...oh that's a different blog post. Oooops.

Here's two thumbs up for our association members!

PCMA Membership Blog said...

Jeff - thanks for the comments - couldn't agree more on SOPs!

Staying true to "serving members" through meetings is a key to successful associations - true true....