Monday, April 12, 2010

Vacation in Paradise!

Hi everyone. I just returned to work today from a week of forgive this tangent - but I'm in the post-vacation glow! A quick review of our itinerary:

  • A few days in Phoenix with my inlaws to celebrate Easter

  • Recruited said inlaws to watch Leo

  • Next stop Sedona for some hiking and R&R

  • Quick side trip to the Grand Canyon (my first time)

WOW - this country is so beautiful and in so many unexpected ways. Who would have thought that rock formations and the color of rocks would be so inspiring? It's mind blowing to even think about how one small little river (the Colorado River) formed the entire Grand Canyon - WOW!

As you know, when you travel you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly of the travel and hospitality industry...the good news for me is that we only had GOOD experiences so I want to give a few shout outs to some exceptional service providers:

1. L’Auberge de Sedona - WOW! We had our own individual cabin with a fireplace, outdoor (yes, outdoor) shower, and a beautiful creek (Oak Creek) flowing at the back of the property. They had resident ducks camped out along the shore that were just plain cute. Our dining there was delicious and all the staff were so super friendly. It made me wonder why everyone doesn't move to Sedona to join in their friendliness 24/7.

2. Red Rocks Jeep Tour - you know what I'm talking about...the open air jeep tour of the local "scene". Our tour guide/driver - Calamity Jen was spectacular. She knew all there was to know about the Red Rocks of Sedona, gave great dining advice, was friendly and gave us a bumpy ride we'll never forget.

3. American Airlines - yes - American Airlines!!! Traveling with a toddler isn't always easy - even with a good traveler, like Leo is. They didn't hesitate to get me additional water or milk for Leo during the flight and never made me lift him off my lap (when he was sleeping) to make sure my seatbelt was fastened. I really dislike that part...YES, my seatbelt is fastened...NO I don't feel like I need to prove it to you. So, I was very happy that they didn't make me adjust Leo...which could have woken him up. Our luggage showed up, our stroller showed up, we arrived early in both destinations...WOW!

4. The Grand Canyon forest staff - These folks know what they are talking about, love what they do, and have the best "office" around. Two thumbs up for expert advice on trail conditions!

It was a great week away from the office and I'm happy to report on the excellent time we had.

Do you have a great vacation coming up? Where are you going? What are you doing?


Cathy said...

Great recap! Makes me want to book my trip NOW! Glad you had an excellent vacation!

PCMA Membership Blog said...

Thanks, Cathy! It was spectacular!!!!