Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 List...Revisited

In October 2010, I put together a top 10 list of things I was looking forward to. I thought it would be interesting to see if my top 10 actually turned out to be my top 10. Without a doubt - YES!

Here’s a look back at my list – with my updated comments:

10. Celebrating with the Award winners
WOW – I could not have loved meeting our award winners more and then when I did, I cannot think of anyone who could have been recognized besides this amazing group. Sadly, one of our award winners, Dr. B.J. Reed, was missing due to a broken leg (ouch) – but she was magnificently represented by one of her students.

9. Meeting a ton of new members
I can’t even estimate how many members I met during my time in Las Vegas. And it isn’t even all the new people I met, I saw so many members with whom I’ve already met and it was so great to reconnect and catch up with each other.

8. Giving back to the community through Hospitality Helping Hands
Both of our HHH projects were sold out! We had waiting lists before the event and it was insane the passion our members had about these projects. From all accounts the two projects we worked on (U.S. Vets and WestCare) were two deserving organizations and we made a real impact.

7. Seeing the Chapter Leaders – and celebrating the outgoing presidents
Plain and simple I don’t get to see our chapter leaders as frequently as I would like and being able to gather with them on Saturday to learn and network was great. I ran into many of them throughout the meeting and got to know more of them on a more personal level – which was fantastic. I’ve increased my “Friends” and “Connections” by adding a ton of them to my personal network!

6. Party With A Purpose – enough said!
This event was SOLD OUT for the first time EVER!!! It was a Vegas-style event, with amazing music brought to us by Austin CVB (thank you!). There was dancing, celebrating and partying – and when all was said and done we donated $25,000 to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Now that’s what I call partying with a purpose! :+)

5. Kicking off a new committee year
I got to spend time with my 2011 Awards Committee and we have so much to look forward to this year. With the addition of two new awards (check out more information on that in February) – we have even more opportunities to recognize great members!

4. Amazing keynote speakers
Okay, admittedly, as a staff member it is hard to see the keynotes because there are a lot of other activities to take care of so I didn’t get to enjoy all of the keynote addresses but I did catch a portion of them all. What I’ve heard was Tony Tsieh was AMAZING – so I will be sure to check out his presentation on the PCMA Online Learning Center when it’s posted.

3. Fun and energizing general sessions
It’s now time for a commercial plug…I love the creative work that Freeman brings to the table. Working closely with them, our M&E team really hit some balls out of the ball park this year!

Here I am with Elvis and some Showgirls at the Sunday reception!

2. Fabulous evening events
Seriously, these were mind blowing events. I walked into the Sunday reception and could.not.believe.my.eyes! The beautiful flowers, d├ęcor and entertainment truly proves that the entertainment in Vegas is second to none.

1. Seeing YOU!
I had so many good times, so many great conversations and so many laughs with you that I cannot stop thinking about how much fun this event was. As a staff member, sure, I came home exhausted, but that exhaustion is worth everything because I had an amazing time with you.

One of my social media and PCMA friends, Midori Connolly, has written about post-event blues – and many people have validated that it’s real. I can tell you that I have them. I miss being among you, I miss sitting down and talking with you and I miss the energy and excitement you all brought to me.

Thank you all for making 2011 Convening Leaders AMAZING and living up to my Top 10 list!

Now…I’m off to start working on the Education Conference and 2012 – see you in Baltimore and then San Diego!

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