Monday, March 24, 2008

Observer of all

Is it just me? Is it just because this is what we do for a living? But, I can't go to an event without looking at all the details of the event from a planner perspective. I look at linens, I take photos of centerpieces, I look at signage, buffet set-up, bar service, candles, registration materials....the list is exhaustive and exhausting.

I'm back recently from a wonderful trip to Laguna Beach where we stayed at the St. Regis. Wow - great, great property. The meeting rooms were nice, the ballrooms were also good - easy to maneuver throughout the property - all in all a good, good experience. Did it hurt that it was 70 degrees and sunny and I left behind snow storms - you bet it matters. :+)

But back to business, enough day dreaming already!!!! I was there for a fun work retreat for my husband - a little bit of business and team celebrations (awards, dinner/dance) but more time for R&R. It was a bank event (where my DH works) - and they did an excellent job of working with the space in unique ways and utilizing the great outdoors (thanks to some heaters at night when the temps got downright chilly) for receptions and breakfasts....

So, even when I'm far, far from home and "trying" not to work - I end up evaluating the entire event. I won't push for workers comp or anything - I guess it's just a curse (or a blessing) of this fun, creative and unique industry we work in!!!

-Christine M.

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