Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Attendance & Support....

Thanks to everyone who has visited the blog. The blog is an interesting animal and I'm having a lot of fun writing and thinking about issues and concerns.

One comment posted is about looking for new ways of attendance building. I don't know anyone who is not concerned about getting people to their educational programs, networking events, or tradeshows. It's HUGE. With so many marketing minds out there please post your tips on how you build attendance at your events. I know by pooling our ideas we can directly affect the success of each other - that is super cool.

Separately, I see from the poll results that the leading issue many are facing is not enough support. I realize now that that's pretty broad - is it employee support, supervisor support, board support? So many possibilities... Which one are you specifically dealing with? Any real life advice on how you have overcome this obstacle?

Looking forward to continuing this discussion and seeing what's going on with you!

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Julie McKernin said...

Hi, I am new to the PCMA and still getting my feet wet. If I can be of any assistance from a vendor aspect, I would be delighted. I have been invovled with trade shows and meetings for 20 years (actually my entire life). I am VP of an exhibit designer/producer organization. If I can help in anyway, add insight, support, whatever, please feel free to ask.
(this is not a commercial)