Monday, August 27, 2007


Welcome to the very first PCMA membership blog site! This site is meant for everyone in the hospitality industry to share their thoughts, ask questions and learn.

I will try to post some new musings, information or questions regularly, so check back often.

To kick us off, I have posted two questions - "do you have a blog?" and "what's your most pressing problem?" - I hope you consider these and not only answer the poll, but post your concerns and thoughts.

It's all about you - our members, our partners and our industry - let's have some fun and let's stay connected!

Christine M.


Vicki L said...

My most pressing issue is attendance. As a state conference, our audience is defined, but growth is still important (especially in specific audience categories). Trying to create new marketing avenues and maintain interest from repeat attendees and generating fresh interest for new attendees is challenging.

Vicky said...

First, let me say THANK YOU to PCMA and Christine for this blog! What a great additional benefit to GMC PCMA membership - it serves as an educational tool and a great way to share ideas, best practices, etc.!

As the chair of GMC's Chapter Relations committee, our committee's goal is to bring additional educational and networking opportunities to chapter members who live and work outside of the Chicago area (and who rarely can get to the Chapter programs held in the Chicago area). This blog DIRECTLY helps us to achieve our goals - so I greatly appreciate the assistance from a committee chair perspective! I also appreciate the forum for sharing ideas and networking (virtually) as a PCMA member!

Just an FYI for those chapter members outside of Chicago. Our committee has programs planned in St. Paul, MN (Sept. 20), Indianapolis, IN (Sept. 18) and Madison, WI (Oct. 4) - for more info, please visit the GMC website or feel free to e-mail me.

I'm looking forward to lots of great discussions here! Thanks again Christine!

Vicky Betzig, CMP
Meetings Industry Consulting