Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recognizing Volunteers

Last week was volunteer appreciation week. And, it's good to see a week dedicated to thanking volunteers who give their time, talent and money year in and year out.

But it's hardly enough. A week? What about the other 51 weeks of the year that they work on behalf of our associations/causes/foundations, etc.?

This topic has been a nut I've been chewing on since I first learned of this special week.

In fact, I've suggested it as a topic for today's (4/27/10) #assnchat.

Here at PCMA we do a good job of recognizing our members and volunteers (below is what we currently do)...but I think there could be more throughout the year.

So I'm embarking on a challenge for the rest of the year - my own PCMA volunteer recognition through this blog. I'm taking suggestions for candidates to recognize - send yours in today!

PCMA's Volunteer Recognition:
  • We recognize a member each week in our ThisWeek@PCMA email newsletter.
  • In ChapterLeaders@PCMA, a monthly e-communication to our chapter leaders we highlight the good chapter work of one individual
  • Our website lists all volunteers
  • At our Annual Meeting volunteers are recognized formally from stage during our Celebrate PCMA luncheon

Do you agree with me that associations need to do more? And if so, what do you consider meaningful recognition? Is being a name on the list enough? IMHO - I don't think so...

Look for my first PCMA volunteer recognition post later this week...if you have nominees send them my way!

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