Friday, April 30, 2010

Volunteer of the Week - April 30, 2010

Craig Sanders
Senior Sales Manager
InterContinental New Orleans

Craig created a personal goal for himself to volunteer with the PCMA Network for the Needy Committee (NFTN) for three years. He is now serving his third year and has helped the committee move forward on Hospitality Helping Hands (HHH) initiatives in New Orleans, Dallas, and for 2011, Las Vegas. He was highly instrumental in sourcing the HHH projects in New Orleans as a member of the host city community service committee – dealing with an added challenge of helping choose projects that could accommodate the largest amount of volunteers EVER for the program. He is consistently generous with his time and passion and in 2010 is organizing a New Orleans group to participate as a city for Service in Sync (SIS).

Send a note to Craig and thank him for his dedication to PCMA's NFTN committee!

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LGiannini said...

It is a pleasure working with Craig. Such a great PCMA Volunteer!