Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green Jacket Moment

I golf. Not well and not often, but I've played my share of 18 holes over the years. I married into a golf family - therefore, I learned the game and sport that is golf.

To be honest, the best part for me is just being outside in the sun (as I do not golf in rain or on cloudy days!) for 4+ hours walking around on grass. The fact that I hit the ball straight, but not far, is often the cause of much conversation. I have a natural talent for hitting straight - woohoo!

So, I was watching the Masters Golf Tournament on Sunday (naturally!), and saw the Mickelson finish and the tender moments with his wife and children. *Break to commercial.* When they came back from the commercial they were in Butler Cabin, ready to announce and award him the coveted green jacket (that, let's be honest, nobody would really ever wear if it was just a plain old jacket without meaning).

Here's the part that made me take notice - the President of Augusta (the course where the Masters is played) got to make the announcement and award the jacket to the winner. (I checked out Augusta's website to find information on how someone becomes President of the club, but couldn't find anything...maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot - so take notice - if your website is so confusing you can't find your board members...but I digress).

So it got me thinking, this guy is President of this golf course/club and THIS moment is his coolest duty. How could it not be? All the planning for this event every year, with different presidents, it was this moment in time that, IMHO, is the most special and spectacular.

This is not much different than how associations run...we work all year planning for our "Masters" event (Annual Meeting, tradeshow, etc.).

BUT...what is the "Green Jacket" moment at your event? Is it the speech from the podium recapping their year, is it handing over the gavel?

Again, IMHO, those aren't "Green Jacket" moments - they are just moments...ticks off the list of things to get done at the event (yeah, I know - governance is important - I'm not arguing that it's not - it's just not *fireworks*).

What is the tradition of your association that could warrant this totally cool moment that gives your Chair/President, who is a very special volunteer leader, their true shining moment? The moment that they will take with them forever and leave that warm fuzzy feeling about the association in their heart forever.

My question and challenge is this - Define what your associations "Green Jacket" moment could be if you really thought about it.

Now, I need to go...I have a noon tee time! ;+)

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